Return Policy


 Returns & Refunds

  1. Opened products can not be returned. 
  2. Refunds may be issued for products damaged during shipment or another order can be sent out. This is not applicable after 3 days. 
  3. If a product is damaged during shipment, please email with a picture of the damaged product immediately after receiving it. 
  4. If the “Coat It” (Body Butter) melts during shipment, refunds will not be issued. We try our best to ensure the butter remains whipped during the shipping process however, due to unexpected delays and temperature changes, it’s possible to receive melted butter. (NOTE: Melted butter does not indicate an outdated product. Melted body butter can be solidified once refrigerated for a short period of time. Once solidified, the butter will provide the same benefits and vitamins to the skin before it has melted. 
  5. For any products that causes irritation, please discontinue use. We are not responsible for any allergic reactions. Please make sure to read our ingredient list completely before using a product.